Connie Ferguson, emotionally talks about the last moments with her husband.

It has been over a year since South Africans suffered the shock of the late actor and businessman, Shona Ferguson’s untimely death. Shona left behind his wife, Connie Ferguson, their children and a legacy of a big production company, Ferguson Films.

We understand that, we lost Shona because of an illness coupled with Covid-19 complications. But now, Connie, who was affectionately close to her husband has given a glimpse of highlights leading onto the loss of her husband. We need not to forget that, their love life was an inspiration to relationship goals.

Mrs Ferguson indicated that they had so much faith that Shona was going to make it from the illness. When he appeared on our screens, the man looked so healthy and strong.

“It was Covid-19, we know a lot of people didn’t make it but, he was strong, he was healthy, he was young and we really thought he would beat it. We spoke about it all the time that baby you going to beat this and he kept saying to me, ‘baby we going to beat this’, and it was a weird thing.” Ferguson said.




She recalled that on a certain Friday her husband was discharged. “So he kind of got better, he had Covid pneumonia, so when his symptoms improved, they discharged him the following week.” Ferguson added.

Her explanations were paused by an emotional feeling, and she appeared to be in pain, with her face, reacting to her sudden emotions. She then looked very said, in agony as she struggled to make further explanations.

With an emotional voice of sorrow she said, “I think, I’m still traumatised from that night after she was discharged from hospital. Because, he was strong and he didn’t like the hospital, to be honest, I think he also felt strong and pushed to go home. I don’t know exactly how he felt.” Connie said.

She said that her late husband indicated that, he was strong enough to come back home. “And that was the longest night of my life.” Ferguson concluded with some teary eyes.

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