Connie Ferguson debut her new look. Check her beautiful pictures

Connie Ferguson debuted her new look with Instagram stories and people have been amazed with her new look. It was hard at some moments to even recognize that it was the one and only Connie Ferguson. It is amazing to see her changing to a different hairstyle from the one she used to have most of the time. She is completely different than before.

Her hairstyle has been causing a stir on social media because people were looking at someone they thought they did not know. Especially when you have seen her picture on Musa Khuwula’s tweet. After a better close look at the picture, you will realize that it is the former Generations star during her prime time on the South African soapie. People have been more amazed by her new look.

It is because she does not look like someone who is going for 60 years of age and surely her lifestyle is good for her. It would be wonderful for her to share her ways of staying beautiful and looking younger than her age. One thing is that she is going to the gym even when she is going through a tough time. One of the bad periods was losing Shona Ferguson.





When it comes to the gym, it is something that many people can’t handle and it does need someone who is going to have discipline when it comes to diet. It is something that you have to stay on top of at all times. It was seen with Cristiano Ronaldo when he made it clear he does not drink even a Coke.


Financial freedom also plays a role because she is able to enjoy moments that she is paying for and that are good for her lifestyle. It is not a secret that people do change when they are financially stable with their physical appearance. But that is where you have to be careful. You will pick up a body that you are not happy with.