Connie Ferguson daughter remembers her father as they celebrate first Xmas without him

Time heals all wounds no matter how hurt or broken you are, eventually with time you forget. Death has taken a lot from us, it is heartbreaking when we here the news but with time the pain becomes better. You never forget because the memories creep in from nowhere.



It’s been a few months since producer and actor Shona Ferguson died. He might be gone but as his family, friends and fans make sure his memory lives on. His daughter Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is grown and taken the role of being the first born very serious. She has been representing her families very well in awards and other places.



It’s their first Christmas without him. They normally would be in Dubai by now but things have changed. She shared pictures of him and them together, remembering him as they spend their first with him gone. Her fans showered her with comforting words.