Connie Ferguson at 52 has better abs than most people in their 20’s!

Connie Ferguson at 52 has better abs than most people in their 20’s!❤️
At the age of 22 years old, Connie Ferguson had her first kid with fellow actor Neo Matsunyane in December of 1992.
The pair went on to get married a year later in 1993 and were together for 5 years before going their separate ways and getting divorced in 1998.





Three years after her divorce from Matsunyane, Connie met actor Shona Ferguson in July 2001. Connie often describes him as the love of her and the two got married the same year in November. A year after they said “I DO,” the couple welcomed a daughter in June 2002.
Sadly in 2021 Connie Ferguson lost the love of her life when Shona Ferguson lost his battle to COVID 19 shortly before they celebrated their wedding anniversary.
Connie Ferguson’s kids have been her pillar of strength throughout her healing process and the outpouring of love and support they continue to receive from the entertainment industry and beyond is admirable.South African actor and producer, Connie Ferguson, is 52 years of age, but does not at all look it. Her dedication to her health and fitness perhaps plays a big part in her ageing so well.

Connie is regularly uploading videos of her training – putting the hard yards in at the gym. From the videos alone, her followers can be motivated.

“Keep going! Don’t give up! One foot in front of the other keeps you in the game! Be relentless, no matter how tough it gets,” Connie captioned one Instagram post, combining single-leg lunges with front kicks.