Connie Ferguson and her youngest daughter her fans last post.

There is always something new to discover in life. It is dependent upon what it is that you are observing. If you do not believe that life is worth living, then even the most insignificant things will irritate you. No matter what challenges life presents, if you have faith in God and everything that he provides for us, you will be able to overcome them and come out on top.




It’s safe to say that Connie Ferguson is one of the toughest people we know. It’s impossible to come out on the other side of what she went through unscathed. For some, the process can take a very long period. But not her; instead, she made the decision to put her trust in God and his purpose for her life. Her loved ones, including her family and friends, have been there for her during this ordeal. She is persevering despite the fact that certain days won’t be simple.