Connie Ferguson and daughter-mother/daughter fashion .

Hello, hello South Africa or America as this mother daughter duo dazzle us with a recent photoshoot pictures for popular South African newspaper, Soweaten. I for one am direly impressed with the themes, outfits and pure enjoyment seen on this recent post of Connie Ferguson on her Instagram page.





Her very first daughter, Lesedi Mutsunyane caught my eye and for good reason, you too must be impressed by the calibre of snaps. Lesedi is no stranger to the camera as she is also an actress and director. She and her mother have definitely been the heart of their showbiz empire alongside her step father and now deceased , Shona Ferguson.

Connie Ferguson had her daughter with infamous and director of an ex-husband Neo Mutsuyane. The two were married for a short time and met on the production team of Generations. Girls be looking amazing!