Congratulatory messages pour in for Kwesta’s wife as Kwesta asks her to marry him again. See photos

In the world full of women that are hurt and bitter due to past romantic relationships that destroyed them mentally, emotionally and sometimes spiritually and physically, there are women who are still experiencing genuine and sweet love.

The wife of the prominent South African rapper, Kwesta Dakar, is one of the luckiest ladies in Mzansi who have been experiencing the genuineness and sweetness of a man from day one. Back in 2019, after nine full years of being together, Kwesta asked Yonessa to make him the happiest man in the world by marrying him. The two got married traditionally and had a huge white wedding which was attended by their families, colleagues and friends.Kwesta Dakar proposed his wife again and asked her to marry him. This beautiful event was planned and organised by Yonessa’s closed friends and sisters who were keen on making this event a success on behalf of Kwesta. It was not really congested but it was just close family members and friends. Yonessa had no idea about what was taking place as her friends lied to her that they were going out on a night and gave her a dress code.This truly is a beautiful experience any women could ever want to experience. There is nothing as nice as feeling wanted and loved by a man regardless of how long you two have been together. Often times men tend to lose all the romance as time progresses and as children are being born. The kind of treatment that Yonessa is getting from Kwesta is a wish to all women out there.




Yonessa has shared how they come from afar with Kwesta and the struggles they have went through together before they are today. Yonessa has been patient with Kwesta and has shown him unconditional love from day one up until today. She truly deserves this for her.