Congratulations|Former Rhythm City actor has graduated, see who it is

Congratulations are in order for another talented Mzansi celebrity as he has made it to the graduation stage after studying for some time.

Bongani Gumede is a South African media personality known for being an actor. He is popular known as he has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Gumede as an actor is known for playing the role of Ngozi on Rhythm City that aired on He was a school teacher who got a learner pregnant. Bongani as Ngozi did not only get her pregnant, he was also abusing her. Gumede is known for appearing on Mzansi shows such as Isibaya, Isono, Zone 14 and others. Bongani was studying and is now a graduate.


He graduated recently and took to social media revealing that he has graduated while sharing pictures of his graduation day.

“Education is important. In my language (Isizulu)they say a person learns until they die. When you do something, you must know how it goes theoretically, this way we will known how to return to culture, having a proper understanding of how everything unfolds through both wisdom and the book”, Bongani Gumede said in one his posts being a video taken on his graduation day.

It is good to see other celebrities not only focusing on being popular but also on being educated and teaching the upcoming artists that education is also important. Also, it is always wise to have a back up, especially if it is education so that when things don’t go well then a person is able to survive.These are difficult times, one cannot only rely on talent that it will put food on the table. There must be something else to assist.

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