Congratulations to Master KG

Master KG’s ‘Jerusalema’, just never stops making moves internationally. Many people keep watching and commenting under the music video on You Tube.

Master KG posted on twitter saying, ” It was all a dream, half a billion views is here”, he said.





However, like always some came out to ask about Nomcebo, which was made clear the first time she came out to reveal that she was no payed for being in aster KG’s song. This time a Master KG fan decided to defend him and make it clear once more and said, ” Nomcebo was feat on the song, otherwise its Master KG’s song. And this is Master KG’s You Tube channel and she has her own. You people can be ignorant sometimes jut because of envy, congratulate and pass”, he said.

This is good news on both sides because Master KG, has to release an album as he promised to his fans. A fan posted a tweep saying, ” You promised us a full album once Jerusalema reaches 500 million, its time for the dates now. And we also demand Sofa Slahlane music video when Dali nguwe reaches 10 million, by Wednesday. Now get to work”, a fan said.