Congratulations to Former The Queen Actress Khanya Mkangisa , She bought herself a Second House

Khaya Mkangisa, who plays Akhona in The Queen, took to Instagram to show off her new home, and her admirers were blown away. Despite her youth, the successful actress has broken several obstacles, including obtaining a second home.

The actress shared a photo of herself standing on the balcony of her new home on Instagram with the caption:

Khanya’s character is one of those characters whom fans can’t help but dislike. On-screen, Akhona has struggled, and people keep their distance from her. Clive and Georgine’s relationship is ruined as Georgine tries to open her eyes to him.



Her on-screen character, however, differs from her real life because she is wealthy and does not suffer any difficulties. Over the years, the actress has developed a recognized business empire as an actor and presenter, and she is a millionaire in her own right. This is her second home, and it is only 34 years old.

Khanya grew up in front of their eyes after landing her first job as a broadcaster at the age of 14. Khanya made her on-screen debut as a member of the cast of Following that, she received roles in popular soap operas such as Muvhango, Zone 14, Intersexions, and The Queen, to name a few.

Khanya is also a model, and she works for Thando Thabethe’s Thabootys as a lingerie model. Khanya is also engaged as a hostess at a nightclub. She works as a DJ in the most exclusive clubs every weekend. She also works as a brand ambassador for Belaire, one of the most prominent alcohol brands, due to her celebrity and large following.

Her buying a second house , left many people curious on how she does it, because it’s been a while since we saw her grace our screen on weekdays.