Congratulations to Amapiano vocalist on her new set of wheels

The celebrity announced on Instagram that she is now the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz. “Boohle “is a newcomer” amapiano “vocalist, who has made a name for herself in the industry with features she featured on the the likes of “Kabza “the small and others.


“Boohle “continued by showing her joy by posting pictures of her new vehicle. She has been making money through her Ep and single songs including stage performances as she is always booked week in and week out.





She also expresses her gratitude to God and her supporters for making it possible. She Thanked God because she feels if it wasn’t for God she wouldn’t have the talent she has, she thanked her family for the support they showed to her since day one.

To God be the praise, “Boohle “wrote. This “Boohle’s “first luxury car.” Boohle “decided to bless herself with a brand new v.class worth millions.

I’m grateful for all of my supporters, because her talents found a breakthrough due to the support from her fans,followers and her supporters for the support they show to her.