Congratulations pour in for Lesedi Ferguson’s baby daddy Austin Malema.

Hardwork pays off, no matter how long it might take. The amount of energy people put into their work is very different. That’s why it is not everyone who gets an award or acknowledgement of their hardwork. For some they don’t mean much while to others, they motivate them and recognize the amazing job that they are doing.



Austin Malema a famous photographer. He has covered many events especially for celebrities. He has also worked with many brands such Nikon. What most people don’t know is that he is the father boy actress Connie Ferguson’s grandson Ronewa.

Although he is related to Connie Ferguson, his work speaks for him more than anything. It wasn’t a surprise when he was announced as the winner of Africa’s Next storyteller award at the ProMax Africa 2022. His fans and clients celebrated him on his big win. This is very big on his team, what a good way to end the year.