‘Congratulations my brother’ Malema shows some love to Black Coffee but people had this to say

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commander-in-chief Julius Malema took it to Twitter to congratulate Black Coffee for winning the GRAMMY for the Best Dance/Electronic Music Album from Africa to the world.

Black Coffee has been collecting awards in his music industry, surely some of them he no longer remembers them. Some of them include several SA music awards, five international DJ awards, and a B3T award.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema thought it a nice thing to post Black Coffee on his account on Twitter to congratulate him, but people had something to say to him.

“all along I thought your brothers are Zimbabwe and Mozambique,” said Gayton.

“That could be you but you are stuck in the wrong career,” said Dr. Afrika.

This showed that most of the South African people are still holding a grudge against Julius Malema after he said “Nigeria is South Africa and South Africa is Nigeria. We are all Zimbabweans.” This didn’t please the South African people, they want Julius Malema to withdraw his statement unconditionally.

Malema is not willing to withdraw his words he even said I don’t care if I lose votes on principles. However, this makes Julius Malema the biggest enemy of Operation Dudula because they are against illegal Foreigners and they feel like Malema is protecting them.

Malema will never have peace if he continues siding with illegal Foreigners. People will always attack him when he posts something on his account. Like they did yesterday when he post silly T.

Do you think this fight will ever end? What is it that you think should be done to finish this fight against illegal Foreigners?