Congragulations to Tbose n Mapitsi Wedding

Skeem saam storyline is always Educative, the writer must be Applauded for being Genuine and not trying to Copy other writers. Viewers have been patiently waiting for the wedding of Mapitsi and Tbose, they have been together for the past 10 years and they have been through thick and thin. It’s really wonderful to know that after everything they have been through they finally ended up together and now they are starting their lives together. From being high school sweethearts and ending up married ygeu are really an inspiration to all the young couples out there.

What a beautiful wedding it was, Mapitsi married her baby daddy from high school, which is rare in today’s day. So I want to take this moment to offer words of encouragement to all single mothers who were left by their baby daddies. Skeem Saam has taught viewers that weay face struggles in relationships, but if it’s meant to be it walys work at the end. Tbose moved on twice, but at the end she ended up coming back to the love of his life. Viewers felt that yesterday’s episode should have been an hour one. I mean it’s a wedding for God’s sake and the great Kwaito respect his friend / brother by honoring the invite. This was so emotional and entertaining at the same time. Skeem Saam gave a wedding a meaning and the true meaning of love.

Congratulations on their wedding. I wish them love and success. Marriages don’t work these days. Knowing them from very long time at Turfloop secondary school; I knew they were made for each other. And after seeing them completing their studies and even working and now getting married. Viewers were more happy that Kwaito did not miss his best friend’s wedding despite the differences they had he managed to show up and showed his support. Kwaito couldn’t miss the wedding of his friend let’s just hope it’s the beginning of a bond between brothers.