CONFIRMED: Faith Nketsi Adds ‘Njilo’ To Her Name After Secretly Getting Married

Reality TV Star and social media influencer Faith Nketsi has just announced that she has been married to Nzuzo Njilo. Most of you know him after a video that made headlines last year when he gifted Faith with a brand new Range Rover. They have been dating for quite a while now as seen from her show on MTV titled Have Faith. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.



According to reports the two had a private ceremony that took place yesterday to make things official. This was rather not expected considering how much attention celebrities like especially when it comes to weddings. Industry colleagues and fans continue to share their congratulatory messages to wish the newly weds a very blissful marriage. Some have rather expressed how this might have been a rushed decision considering the bad record of celebrity marriages in the country.

Who is Nzuzo Njilo?


According to reports, the couple has constantly managed to keep the matters of their relationship a secret. Even when they were celebrating their anniversary, Faith did not show his face. After buying her the latest Range Rover and taking her out to luxurious trips, it seems like Njilo is a very monied individual. She mentioned on one of her diary sessions that he will never date someone that is below her level after working so hard to accumulate everything she has.

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