Condolence messages pour in to former Uzalo Nombuso & her fiancée

Death is around is and is lurking in every corner. There’s no escaping it at this rate. The amount of rest in piece we have done from last year and this year have been a lot. Everyday we are losing someone. It is one of the hardest things to go through.

Thandeka Zulu also known as Mazulurealsoulsa is an actress and singer. She’s known for her role that she once played on Uzalo of Nombuso. She also starred on Ehostela playing Nellie. The actress is in a music group named Afrosoul where she sings with her fiance Muji Afrosoul and The king lionlish whose real name is Sergent S Malishe.

The group has announced the death of their group member Sergeant. The cause of death is not determined but the singer had difficulty breathing which landed him at the hospital. He sadly passed away at the hospital after he was discharged but had collapsed before leaving. It must be a really had time for his group members as they were there when he collapsed.