‘Condescending much?’: Phat Joe’s ‘Unfollowed’ interview

The latest episode of Showmax’s ‘Unfollowed‘ featured TV and radio host Phat Joe, as the legendary personality took the hot seat, viewers took to various platforms to share their thoughts on the interview, leading to an array of both positive and negative reactions.


One of the common positive themes on social media was the praise for Thembekile Mrototo, the interviewer. Many viewers commended Mrototo’s poise and professionalism in handling Phat Joe’s unfiltered opinions. Tweets like, “Thembekile Mrototo deserves a medal for keeping her cool during that interview” flooded Twitter.

@ThembiMrototo: Do you think that the industry has written off? Cancelled you?

— Kanya Ntshongwana (@kanya_kb) August 30, 2023
Phat Joe’s unapologetic stance and willingness to stand by his controversial comments about Caster Semenya garnered support from some viewers. Comments like, “Say what you want about Phat Joe, but he doesn’t back down. We need more people like him in media,” reflected this sentiment.

Some viewers appreciated the interview for sparking important conversations around freedom of speech and accountability in the media. They saw it as an opportunity to discuss complex issues, such as the boundaries of expression in the public domain.

What a response. The OG

— B (@Brian35911552) August 30, 2023
However, on the other end, Phat Joe’s remarks about Caster Semenya, which led to his suspension and dismissal from a radio station, continued to be a focal point of criticism. Many social media users expressed outrage over his comments, with tweets like, “Phat Joe’s comments were offensive and disrespectful. He should apologize!”

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Some viewers questioned whether Phat Joe should be held accountable for his statements, particularly in a media landscape where public figures are expected to be mindful of their influence. This led to debates about freedom of speech versus responsible journalism.

1st thought when i watched this: “condescending much” 😔

— RichPhumue (@phumue131) August 30, 2023
As is often the case on social media, the discussion online also took a negative turn for some. Personal attacks and name-calling were directed at both Phat Joe and those who defended his right to express his opinions. These toxic exchanges highlighted the polarized nature of the debate.

As social media continues to serve as a virtual battleground for such discussions, it’s clear that the interview has succeeded in stimulating conversations about the responsibilities and consequences that come with freedom of expression.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Phat Joe’s views, it is undeniable that his appearance on “Unfollowed” has left a lasting impression on the digital landscape.