Coming Up on Uzalo: Sbonelo falls in Love with the Enemy’s daughter

The Magwazas have not been fully introduced to us as we only know two members of the family, Vika and Nsimbi. We are yet to meet Njinji’s daughter, Nomaswazi who is Vika’s cousin.

Sbonelo has been unlucky when it comes to love throughout the years as he has already got married with not one but two women at the same time. These two women are Sphilile and Nonkanyiso who have both left her because they said he does not have what it takes to handle two wives. We have no idea where Sphilile is but Nonkanyiso has moved on and has her own drama with their love triangle between Kwanda and Hleziphi.


Sbonelo is going to fall in love with a beautiful lady not knowing that the lady is related to their worst enemy, Vika. Vika is a ruthless gangster who is after The Mhlongo throne and wants to be the best gangster in KwaMashu.

Sbonelo and Nomaswazi are going to fall in love which we do not know how it will happen because the two are from rival families.