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This Week On Uzalo

Monday 7 November 2022


Episode 176

Mthambisi put pressure on Colonel Mabaso. Gwala’s son unintentionally sabotage Nosipho’s gender reveal party. Gabisile is in a difficult situation and has to make a hard decision.
Tuesday 8 November 2022

Episode 177

Mthambisi offers a shoulder to cry on to Gabisile. Nkazimulo avoids spending time with his father. Sbu is not happy with his visitor.
Wednesday 9 November 2022

Episode 178

Sbu gives Mondli new information about Mthambisi that will assist him in his investigation. Nkunzi is about to discover that Gabisile is having an affair with Mthambisi. Nosipho’s baby kicks and that irritates Nkazimulo.
Thursday 10 November 2022

Episode 179

Nkunzi grows dangerously closer to the truth about Gabisile’s affair with Mthambisi. Flavia implement necessary boundaries. Njeza is not pleased with Hlelo’s decision and Mbatha’s plans are finally becoming a success.
Friday 11 November 2022

Episode 180

Mondli gets deceived after making progress on a case. Hlelo receive big news. Nosipho and Pastor Gwala discover new information about Nkazimulo.