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Monday 31 October 2022

Episode 152

A touching photo-shoot ends in a surprise. Khanyi-Jewell is introduced to an art teacher who works well with children. Dintle fears to lose her friend to love.
Tuesday 1 November 2022

Episode 153

Could there be a happy ending in a very difficult situation? Love and dreams has to be given up in order to make a compromise. Dudu is faced with a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made.
Wednesday 2 November 2022


Episode 154

A person who is not willing to give up prepapres for a fight of a lifetime. Dintle decides to commission a work, featuring none other than herself. Vuvu is overwhelmed after she got more than she anticipated.
Thursday 3 November 2022

Episode 155

Lindiwe and Nhlamulo receive a good sign but will the end results be satisfying? Nyasha proposes an attractive offer Hlengiwe just can’t say no to. Duduzile become strict and Vuvu no longer has excuses.
Friday 4 November 2022

Episode 156

A situation in which no progress is possible leaves loved ones into a risky situation they fail to get out of. A young woman connects with a man older than her. Vuvu can’t keep up with her lies and her actions are suspicious.