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Monday 14 November 2022

Episode 1196

Shria is serious about avoiding Maharaj even if it means remaining indoors and bunking work. Fikile is determined to forget about Nkululeko and she prays for that to happen. Nokuzola decides to move back to the hotel and MaNdlovu tells Phakade how she is worried about Fikile’s return.
Tuesday 15 November 2022

Episode 1197

MaZulu suspect that Nirupa is working with Maharaj and Nirupa thinks that Maharaj’s return might not be a bad thing. MaZulu refuses to help look for the lost baby Nozi because of Nokuzola’s recent behaviour towards Zithulele. Buhle think Nkululeko still has sexual feelings for Fikile.
Wednesday 16 November 2022


Episode 1198

Zakithi is willing to reinstate Nkululeko as the CEO or nothing else. Maharaj finds Shria at Emsamo but she shocks him by droping a bombshell at him telling him to play far away from her.
Thursday 17 November 2022

Episode 1199

Zithulele is shocked after Sakhile came to his rescue and saved his life. Glammer-boy does not trust Sakhile’s nice guy act and gives Zithulele a contraband object to protect himself with if anything happens. Nirupa finally is willing to hear what Maharaj wants to tell her and she finds herself trapped back into his spell. Shria then finds them in a romantic moment.
Friday 18 November 2022

Episode 1200

Sakhile ask Mzwandile to pay him a visit in prison and is very angry after hearing about his engagement to Khanyo. Khanyo fears for Zithulele as Sakhile is determined to harm him.