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Monday 14 November 2022

Episode 552

Mbali changes her mind and decides to help with the ritual. Zondo just can’t forget about Thembi’s kiss and Lydia’s efforts finally pay off as her dream to be with Dr Bae come true.
Tuesday 15 November 2022

Episode 553

Mbali is determined to preform a ritual behind Thabo’s back. Thembi come clean to Zondo while Bhengu’s new lover reveals her other bad side.
Wednesday 16 November 2022

Episode 554


Mbali has to face the consequences of her actions. Zondo gets to scrub in on the surgery of a lifetime. Lydia is serious about her affair with Bhengu and wants to take things to the next step between them.
Thursday 17 November 2022

Episode 555

Misunderstanding at Durban General has created up the heat and has caused serious tension for Zondo, Bhengu and Thembi. There is no turning back for Mbali and she has to make a very important decision.
Friday 18 November 2022

Episode 556

Mbali is snappy with Phumeza, Lydia goes to the commune uninvited. Zondo avoids Thembi as she does not want to talk about the kiss.