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Monday 12 September 2022

Episode 507

Mbali is having doubts about her future, Sne is looking forward to her baby shower as she prepares for it and Sihle feels guilty for not answering when his friend called.
Tuesday 13 September 2022

Episode 508


Dhlomo turns Sne against Phumeza. Bhengu runs out of the ward in tears. Sihle informs Thembi about his concerns.
Wednesday 14 September 2022

Episode 509

Sne and Phumeza’s friendship worsen as they grow further apart. Bhengu take blood tests for his symptoms. Sihle and Mdu finally meet and have a chat.
Thursday 15 September 2022

Episode 510

Will Lindelani continue or abandon ship? We will just have to find out. Bhengu’s health issues will channel him in the right direction.
Friday 16 September 2022

Episode 511

Sne is admitted to Durban General Hospital and learns devastating news of her life. Qwabe thinks she is no longer fit to continue working at Durban General hospital. Sihle faces Mdu concerning his lies.