Comforter|| Meet A Gay Who Never Misses Funeral In His Area

Lady Mo is taking funerals to another level as she never misses any funeral happening in his hometown.

Lady Mo whose real name is Moses Sibiya makes sure he attends any funeral happening in his area and he regards himself as someone who comforts the bereaved. Since his involvement in funerals, he has become a funeral influencer. Sibiya is from Pienaar on the outskirts of Mbombela. He has become a known brand in funerals, but he is also an MC and musician in real life. He has two of his singles Ama Fall Fall and Dumi Dumi which he usually performs at funerals and other gatherings.




Lady Mo has tongues wagging, with his feminine dress code and his styles which depend on how he feels on the day. Lady Mo who is also a chef told the media that he decided to remix gospel songs to lighten the mood at funerals. This has made him a lot of fans on social media since he embarked on his mission. Lady Mo says that he always attends funerals as a result of his love for singing and he also brings hope to those who are mourning, he hates to see the mourners in pain. It is always said that music comforts someone sad.

Lady Mo further revealed that death brings sadness and he uses himself to bring hope to the mourners. As we all know many people see this as amusement and some will see him as someone disrespectful to those who are mourning. Amid all this, he has not been shaken but still does what he loves the most. Though some see him as being crazy and suffering from depression, Sibiya said that he has never had any problems with the family. He also revealed people didn’t understand him when he decided to reveal who he was after a long time.

Lady Mo said that he was never influenced by anyone or has ever been depressed, but he is very healthy. He believes those against him are just jealous and do not want to see him prosper. Sibiya said that people will always discriminate, and criticize but he does not worry about them but keeps entertaining those in need. Lady Mo said that more is still to come as he wants to take his talent all over the world and be famous like Rebecca Malope.

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