Coffin Nails Designs & Ideas 2021

Coffin nails have been on the top of the list for a while now, but not everyone is aware of the fact that they have been in fashion for a lot longer than just a few years. The thing is that this shape has become popular in the early ’90s and have been staying on edge ever since. What is a coffin shape nail? The name ‘coffin’ may indeed scare some people away. That is why the other name for this shape is – ballerina nails, mostly because the shape is so slender and elegant and resembles that sleek slipper that a ballerina wears. When compared to stiletto nails, coffins sport a square tip instead of a pointy one, but the length remains the same. Ballerina nails are perfect for those of you who are in love with long nails what is more, there is so much room for experimentation that it is hard to pass by simply, not to mention the fact that this shape is pretty durable and this fact can’t go unnoticed. Even though this is one of the prettiest forms to shape your long nails in, it may be pretty difficult to succeed with if you are just a beginner, but in case you consider yourself skillful enough to shape your nails, coffin, we have something in store for you. We decided to talk about some trendy nail designs here with you today. In this fresh compilation, you will find anything you need to treat your nails with on every day and occasion, no matter whether you are headed to the office or a fancy party! Dive in!