Clint Brink leaves his fans mushy with recent post.

Sometimes what we need to do, is to be more grateful. Just take time and thank God for all that he does for us. We often make the mistake of taking things for granted, which is our downfall. Everything that he gives us, is for our well being.

Clint Brink is a South African actor. He is known for the roles that he played on King Dog, Lockdown Heights and many more. Most people know him through his role on Scandal where he played Tino. The role saw him getting recognition through nominations at the SAFTAs.




He is happily married to Namibian model Steffi. He has been married to her since 2016. They have a son together and are currently expecting a girl. He shared a heartfelt post appreciating all that he has. He further looks back at what he has been through. The post had his fans mushy. He definitely touched a never.