Cindy Mahlangu leaves her fans gushing over her recent picture.

We love it when people step outside of their comfort zones and trying different things. Sometimes the fear of the unknown has us stuck in one place afraid of changes. But ones we take a leap of faith, things change for the better. And we get to learn about parts of us that we didn’t known existed.

Change is always scary but good once we give it a try. Cindy Mahlangu is known for the love that she has for black. The actress and brand ambassador, doesn’t compromise when it comes to the black colour. Which you can never go wrong with.




But lately the new mother has been trying something different. Brown (coffee), seems to have grabbed her attention. We have seen her with the colour a number of times. In her recent post she’s wearing brown long sleeved jumpsuit. We are not used to her like this but the colour suits her. It goes with her skin colour.