CHRIS EXCEL: He does not have to explain his weight loss to anyone. Samthing Soweto gets a defender

is a clear demonstration of what Chris Excel was talking about on the timeline. Chris Excel is actually defending Samthing Soweto for his new lifestyle that is being criticized, and he has to explain himself. When it is only one gender that has to explain their loss of weight, then it is wrong because it is seen from wrong from one side.

With Chris Excel, he is on the other hand, dragging anyone and does not choose. But one person people do not play around with is DJ Blackcoffee. If there is someone who is saying something bad about the Grammy award winner, he or she is being advised early that it will be bad when DJ Blackcoffee responds.




As long as people are being dragged on social media, it will not stop. But with someone like Chris Excel in the middle, you will not challenge him to win because he does not let go until he wins. From how he does not forget, he will come back to the same matter as Samthing Soweto being dragged for. At the moment, it is not known when he will react, but it is something you should expect to happen.


But then, Samthing Soweto has made the record straight. Before the pictures of him with the new look, he had been sharing his current physical appearance a lot. He was not hiding how he was looking at the moment. Surely he will come back and share what he has gone through in his life, but now he is facing his challenge and becoming good.