DJ Zinhle’s boyfriend Murdah Bongz allegedly has another child with this famous woman

DJ Zinhle’s boyfriend and baby daddy to her second baby Bongani Mohasana has been exposed for being a deadbeat father to Lerato Masoho’s baby. Reportedly, Bongani dated Lerato from 2014 and left her to date Zinhle. Lerato was left pregnant when Bongani started seeing Zinhle.

The juicy celebrity news was revealed by the blogger Musa Khawula on his Twitter the baby is one year old. Bongz was exposed on Monday, the day after the country was celebrating a father’s day. On Sunday, DJ Zinhle posted Murdah on her Instagram as a way to appreciate her for being the best father to get daughter Asante.

Musa Khawula with his investigative skills dug deeper into the musician’s life and what he found has left many tweeps in shock. Taking to his Twitter, Musa captioned.

“Bongani Mohasa is accused of being a deadbeat father to his son who is a little over a year old. Before being paraded by DJ Zinhle, Bongani was dating Lerato Matsotso. Their relationship started in 2014 when he started hooking up with DJ Zinhle. It is said Lerato was pregnant at that time,” read the post @Musa Khawula on Twitter.




Ever since we have known the inspiring couple was together, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz have always been all lovey-dovey and sharing pictures of them on social media. But since there is nothing that can satisfy South African social media users, they are accusing Bongz of being his girlfriend’s handbag. Reportedly, DJ Zinhle is older than her boyfriend.

I think social media can be exaggerating sometimes, yes it’s fun finding the skeletons of celebrities that they think it’s well hidden in the closet but what if it was not a secret that Bongz has a baby with another woman.

Not everything that the celebrities do should be published on social media, he had the reason why he never wanted the spotlight. The way Bongz is so good with baby Asante, is not a man who can be taken to run from his responsibility.