Checkout Theo Kgosinkwe’s wife and her mother.

The only that’s stopping black people from being successful and happy, is how judgemental they are. We are always ready to judge people for the decisions that are best for them. Which is not good. Women are always the ones to be judged more especially when they have children earlier.

Vourne Kgosinkwe is an influencer and professional teacher. She has been working with a number of brands ever since she married Mafikizolo’s Theo Kgosinkwe. She’s also a professional makeup artist. Sky’s mother is making sure to secure the bread by means possible. They have been married for some years now.

She is very close to her mother who looks like her sister. It’s quiet clear how Vourne will look after a few years. We are always in aware with how beautiful this mother and daughter duo is. They are both wearing pink outfits serving goals. If anyone told us that having children early, we will get to be like this, we would have children.