Checkout Nandi Madidi’s little sister Dr Langa Mngoma and her boyfriend musician Tresor.

The enterainment industry is so small that people end up dating each other. It’s not surprising because this is part of life. It’s just weird how it is easy for them to date. But we love seeing couples coming together and showing each other love.





Tresor is an international star. The award winning star is from Congo but he is permanently staying in South Africa. He has worked with a number of artists. With his current one being Drake on his recently album Honestly Nevermind. The star has been in a relationship with Dr Langa Mngoma who is the younger sister of musician Nandi Madidi. They have been together for many years now.

The two are amongst some of the low key celebrities who mind their own business. One thing they always do though, is to slay together. Below are some of their pictures where they gave us heart palpitations. We don’t know if they sit and coordinate their outfits or what.

Source: Instagram

Langa Mngoma