Checkout King Monada’s transformation, before and after he got successful.

Khutso Steven Kgatle, better known by his stage name King Monada is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer. He rose to fame after the release of his single in 2016 called “Ska bhora more” and “Malwedhe”, which was immediate hit on iTunes and Apple Music.

Over the past few years, we have watched King Monada grow as an artist and as a producer, bringing in new talent from where he comes from.




There have been some images that have been trending on Facebook lately, and the images are both of King Monada, and they show us the fans what King Monada looked like before and after he got massively successful. In one of the images, King Monada looks way younger and is dressed in dirty clothing, and King Monada has said before that he grew up poor, so the first image explains it.

In the second picture, we can see him standing in front of his very popular blue Mercedes-Benz AMG, and in the second image he is dressed in expensive clothing and looks way more mature compared to the first image which was posted.

Well, these two image are living proof that if you work hard enough, no matter where you start you can be successful, and it seems King Monada is proof of that.