Check:Billionaire Oprah Is amazed After Fan Tells Her $100 Is Too Much To Spend on a Gift

Times are tough for a lot of people right now. When simple things such as bread, milk, and eggs are busting grocery budgets, Christmas celebrations may be a bit leaner for many families this year. Of course, we know that celebs don’t feel the pinch like us. But how out of touch can they really be? Well, as one fan found out, billionaire Oprah Winfrey doesn’t understand what is happening to a lot of us.
Oprah recently had an eyebrow-raising encounter with a fan.

In a now-viral TikTok, Oprah is approached by a fan looking for gift ideas for his mother. Off camera, the man asks for a tip on a Christmas gift because the woman is “not doing well.” Oprah quickly references her annual “Favorite Things” list, which originated in the 1990s and became a highly anticipated special episode for her talk show every year.

Though Oprah is no longer on the air, the TV maven still curates an annual list, and plenty of the items on it come with a hefty price tag. The gifts are simply out of budget for many people — but Oprah doesn’t seem to get that.

Oprah is stunned that the man can’t afford her suggested gift.

In the clip, Oprah tells the fan to buy his mom “a beautiful red jewelry box.” But he quickly cuts her off, saying it is too expensive. She argues that “it’s like $100,” which she evidently thinks is mere pocket change.

He again tells her that it has to be lower, and she replies, “Lower than $100?” in a way that shows her disbelief. It’s as if she doesn’t understand that not everyone has that much money to spend on a single gift.

The man says his mother would rather have a ‘sentimental gift.’

Still mystified by the fact that the man can’t spend $100, Oprah tells him that the perfect gift would be to write down the top 10 reasons why he loves his mother in a beautiful card that he makes. The pair agree that it is a great idea, and she quickly scoots away.

Nice save, Oprah. That is really sweet, and many mothers would love it if their kids gave them a gift like that. Maybe start there next time?

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TikTokers had a lot of thoughts about Oprah and her initial suggestion.

Again, $100 is a lot of cash for some people. A person making $20 an hour, nearly three times the federal minimum wage, would have to work five hours to make that happen — and that’s before taxes! It is just a lot. There were plenty of comments about the video and how utterly out of touch Oprah is.

“She was SHOOK that $100 was too expensive. ‘Do they even make things that cost less than $100?’ one follower asked. “Yes, Oprah, we all inhale money!”

“Oh, Oprah. Who’s going to tell her?” someone laughed.

“I’ve told someone before but it’s only $100 for this item and they reminded me how some might take that “just $100″ [as] offensive.”

But don’t get it twisted. Plenty of other people thought Oprah was in the ballpark for a gift for mom and that we should leave her alone.

“She’s a billionaire for yeaaaars. I dont blame her at this point. She don’t know. Happy she didnt say buy her a car,” one follower pointed out.

“Great idea. Top 100 things I love about my mom.”

Another person commented that it’s feasible if you plan ahead. “$100 is not that much for one nice gift for your mother once a year. Save $8 per month,” the person suggested.

“It took her a second for her brain to shift gear but she got there,” someone else wrote.