Check which top Muvhango actor that might be leaving the soapie

Top Muvhango actor Nathaniel Ramabulana, who plays Tenda, appears to be nearing the end of his career.


Nathaniel’s character is being kept captive by James Motsamai and his nephew Tshireletso, and his life is in danger.

In Tuesday’s episode, his wife, Mpho, a Sangoma, spoke with the ancestors.

Mpho’s ancestors told her that she would be a widow, which meant Tendamudzi Mudau would be slain.

The reveal was heartbreaking for Muvhango viewers, who had become close to the evil character.

Nathaniel is a gifted performer who has given it his all in each episode and scene.

Fans of Muvhango are hopeful this isn’t the case, and are pleading with writers not to write Nathaniel’s beloved character off the show.

The Angels of Justice, led by James Motsamai and Tenda’s nephew, want him to pay for all of his misdeeds and kill him.

The Angels of Justice have been live-streaming Tenda’s kidnapping and forcing him to confess to his crimes, including the brutal murder of his other nephew, Hulisani.

Tenda, on the other hand, refuses to bend and denies every charge leveled against him.

The Angels of Justice have invited the people to tell Tenda about their harrowing experiences.