Check stunning pictures of Nonka from Uzalo on her romantic birthday party


Nonka’s birthday party has left many people happy last night, after her boyfriend decided to surprise her by hosting it in the ocean inside the boat, where her family members and neighbors were also attending it.







It’s the first time Nonka experienced something like this and credit must go to her boyfriend, because he made sure that his girlfriend gets the best birthday party that she will never forget in her life.

But their love is troubled by many secrets that Kwanda is keeping away from Nonka and it’s just a matter of time before Hleziphe tells Nonka the truth.

It will be a hectic month for Nonka because her business is growing and she is about discovee the truth about her boyfriend and also her business partner.

Can Nonka be blinded by love and sell the drugs together with Kwanda because she is not aware of this illegal business happening in her shop?