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lively entertainer is continuously serving us energy flows each time she shows up on the little screen. She has a line of TV jobs attached to her name and is one entertainer that soapville can’t manage without. Refilwe Madumo Biography (Age, Career, Children, Television Roles, Husband, Net worth) uncovers more about the entertainer’s vivid life.


Life story of Refilwe Madumo

Profile Summary

Kids: 2

Calling: Actress

Instruction and Qualifications: Tshwane University of Technology















Total assets: $350 000

What is Refilwe Madumo’s age?

The entertainer has been in the game for the present, and everybody thinks about how old she is. Indeed, ladies don’t uncover their age. Moreover, age is only a number, and we just consideration about the energetic looks she continues to serve us.

How does Refilwe Madumo’s vocation begin?

She grabs the public consideration with her job as Palesa, a HIV-positive person on Scandal! during the 90s. She wows masses and has been gaining ground since.

What are Refilwe Madumo’s Television Roles?

Refilwe Madumo: Image source @Instagram

Does Refilwe Madumo have any youngsters?

The entertainer is a mother of two, and it stays muddled who her child daddy is. The couple needs to encounter a horrifying demonstration when their mom, Refilwe, is nearly assaulted on their watch.” My kids, who are currently four and six, were two weeks old and two years of age, separately, when a hooligan took steps to assault me before them. They had broken into my folks’ home. I was in the room, and I figured out how to call the police before one of the men went into the room.

“He held up a weapon and had me escort him around the house searching for assets. He needed firearms; I let him know we don’t keep weapons in the house. He said on the off chance that I didn’t give him what he needed, he would assault me. Fortunately the police showed up and captured him. The man is currently serving 50 years in jail,” Refilwe describes.

How does Refilwe Madumo meet her better half?

“Yet, when I initially met him, I was not all that intrigued by him. After we had gone on a couple of dates together, I understood that he was intended for me, and we’ve been together since the time then, at that point,” she says.

What is Refilwe Madumo’s job on Generations: The Legacy?

She plays Fikile, Lucy Diale’s lippy cherished, lifelong companion. Watch as she serves us a portion of her brazenness.