Check out why this Mzansi news reader caused a stir on social media.

The path to success has been portrayed as one paved with sweat, blood, and tears. One can succeed without a doubt if they have the necessary ambition. Chante Jantjies is one of the passionate women in South Africa who is renowned for her desire to succeed in the entertainment industry. She has made countless television appearances; you may have seen her when she was younger hosting KTV or when she was being crowned for winning different pageant championships.

Due to her affiliation with the SABC, Chante Jantjies is a woman that most people commonly see on television. She is a favorite news anchor among most news organizations thanks to her attractive appearance and fluency.



She picked up modeling again and started competing in pageants. She was interested in debate club, acting in plays, writing, and public speaking during her time in high school. She won several prestigious modeling awards thanks to her attractiveness, strong communication abilities, and eloquence. Among them are the Little Miss SA title from 2004 as well as the Miss SA Teen and Miss Teen Universe titles. Chante has advanced significantly in the entertainment sector since then, and she now presents news for the SABC in addition to being a model. Her path to becoming a news anchor for the SABC was fascinating because it was not the job she had originally envisioned.

She turns heads everytime on the screen, her picture was recently posted and this caused a stir on social media.