Check Out What Suzan is Planning To Do For Azwindini In Muvhango. See In Picture

Source: Muvhango Facebook page.

Suzan has big plans for Azwindini on Valentine’s Day, but mzansi are worried it will all end in tears. She’s radiant these days; she seems to thrive on being in love, and she deserves to find true love. She justly earns all her success. She should enjoy it while it last, you took the easy way out. Susan has changed a lot even her face is getting lighter in color by the day. And she wants to end the spell, she wants to be stressed again. Take a peek at how contented she is. The enchantment must not be broken.

Her voice was low as she said, “I gave this man my youth, what use would I be to another man.”



It will soon end in tears for you Suzie. I feel sad for her since she’s pretending to be joyful. If it’s his first marriage, the man did it out of love; otherwise, he’s for the monetary benefits. The marriage to Gugu would only last a few months before he returned to Suzan; he has three more wives besides Suzan. I can see where Susie is coming from; if az6wi built her a house and the secret leaked out, Gugu would assume that I was the one who brought the house out to them. In contrast to just up and leaving with nothing to your name. I predict that next week her secret will be exposed, and that she will regress to square one.

If father Azwindini finds out the truth, he will fire her and throw her out on the street with nothing, despite the fact that she should have done this a long time ago. Not only will she be found out, but her job is in jeopardy as well. Mzansi hopes that Azwindini will learn about the spell once he has completed the two-story home she has always wanted. Azwindini then will propose to Gugu at the end.

Suzan deserves this happiness even if it’s for a little while as we know that her husband will start with his adultery again. It’s going to end in tears if she doesn’t discover the house soon. It will end in tears when they find out what she did. In his return, Papa Azwindini plans to propose to Gugz.