Check Out What Mzansi Noticed In #SkeemSaam After Seeing Meikie’s Uncle’s Family [OPINIONS]

Check Out What Mzansi Noticed In #SkeemSaam After Seeing Meikie’s Uncle’s Family In #SkeemSaam [Opinion]




The Rathoka family arrive at the Maputlas and already SkeemSaam fans have already spotted something. Apparently Meikie’s uncle is in Turf with their son who is also a yellow born. SkeemSaam fans and viewers are thinking that the young man and Leeto have the resembles.

Mzansi has been raising their suspension in social media after seeing the family. It’s been a months since Leeto have asked Meikie about his father. Leeto have suspected that John Maputla is not his father. This comes after he found out that John Maputlas is Kwaito’s father.

Leeto has once confronted Meikie about his real father. Those who have been following the episode when Kwaito wanted to know about his real father, would remember that Leeto had suspicious about his identity. He told his mother that he does not look like John Maputlas. John and Thabo are both dark in skin while he is light. Meikie has told him that he looks like her uncle. She said that her uncle is light like him.

After seeing the family mzansi convinced that it might happen that yellow bone young man share the same father with Leeto. Viewers are convinced that Leeto is not Maputla son.

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