Check Out What Mzansi Noticed In Siyacela’s Recent Pictures. See What Mzansi Saw

Mzansi have Noticed that Siyacela’s skin is coming out. People were to see him in tv yesterday looking like this. Could Siyacela have skin problem…? It might have that he might be having skin diseases. He is too light and his skin is coming out. Siyacela might be having a ski disease called Vitiligo.

We have seen other celebrities like Leleti Khumalo who is also having the same skin problem like him and other Quinton Nyathi from Scandal. It’s not suprising but his skin clear that is having a problem.





Siyacela is one of most arrogant person that many people hate to watch. No body want to watch him, everyone hates him because his too disrespectful. After what happen in the latest episode, Mzansi has been calling Thando to leave him after he abused her in national tv. Mzansi have Noticed that Siyacela is abusive. He is threatening her and want her to do things in his way. He took her phone now Thando does not have phone but he has one.

Thando has allowed Siyacela to disrespect her family, and assault them in front of her and she did not do anything about it. Later she blamed her family and she now want nothing to do with them.