Check out what curious social media users noticed on Gogo Maweni’s recent picture

She is a well-known South African physician, consultant, social media influencer, businessperson, and television personality. Maweni once acknowledged using and having skills in African witchcraft. She is also thought to have cursed some of her baby dads for not paying her child support. Maweni is renowned for leading an opulent lifestyle and running herbal companies. She runs an online jewelry shop called Maweni Chakra and owns a herbal store. Maweni’s Facebook profile indicates that she works as a gobela at Impande Ye Zulu. She is renowned for featuring in a number of top South African TV programs.





After Gogo Maweni recently posted some pictures of herself and some friends, people started to notice that her leg looks so odd and bloated. Some are of the opinion that Gogo Maweni has started bleaching her skin. What do you think happened to Gogo Maweni’s kneel?

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