Check out the expensive life of Kay Sibiya “Siyanda” from Generations: The Legacy

Kay Sibiya, who portrays Siyanda Khoza in the television show Generations: The Legacy, has an extravagant lifestyle in real life. Siyanda Khoza, who portrays the part of Siyanda Khoza, is a journalist who has won several awards and who is related to the late mobster Jack Mabaso via her mother (role played by Vusi Kunene).

Kay Sibiya and Wife Judie Kama


In order to bring down Jack Mabaso, the ever-calculating Tshidi Moroka was the one who found Siyanda and then moved her from Cape Town to Johannesburg. He came to the conclusion that Jack was his biological brother.

There is a major disparity between the real-life Kay Sibiya and the fictional character Siyanda Khoza. In real life, Kay Sibiya is having trouble making ends meet, and his marriage is on the brink of dissolving.

In the real world, Kay is a successful actor, artist, and influencer who is also the doting husband of his wife and the proud father of two children. His wife is the make-up artist, DJ, and businessman Judie Sbahle Kama. He has three children. Kay Sibiya and Wife Judie Kama Image of Kay Sibiya and his wife, Judie Kama, courtesy of (Instagram)

The couple’s son, Doxa Kion Zesimdumise Sibiya, is quickly becoming a prominent influencer and is considered to be among the most influential children in South Africa. They had a kid before to being married, and they both came into the relationship as single parents.

Kay Sibiya Expensive Cars

Kay Sibaya is the happy owner of a variety of high-end automobiles, including a R 2.5 million Lumma Range Rover Sport, a R 480 000 Ford Mustang, and a R 1.4 million BMW X6 xDrive40i. In addition, he has a R 480 000 Ford Mustang.

Kay Sibiya

Kay Sibiya: Image Source (Instagram)

Because of his enthusiasm for cars, he was able to get multi-million rand contracts with both Renault South Africa and Isuzu, which were worth a combined total of R 8.5 million over the course of two years.

Kay Sibiya and Wife Judie Kama

Image of Kay Sibiya and his wife, Judie Kama, courtesy of (Instagram)

His enterprises in real estate, tourism, and hospitality bring in roughly 21 million South African Rand in yearly revenue, giving him a net worth of 104 million South African Rand.

Frequent holiday visits

The actor travels to resorts in Malaysia, Dubai, and Cape Town to spend quality time with his wife and children during the holidays and other times when the family is together.

Kay Sibiya’s family over Christma

Family members of Kay Sibiya celebrating Christmas: Image Source (Instagram)

Thanksgiving and quality time with his family, which he shares with his wife and kids, are at the center of his experience of Christmas.


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