Check Out The Age Difference Between Carl Niehaus a And His Wife Will Leave You In Shock

Former South African spokesperson Carl Niehaus has won over his admirers by posting photos of his stunning wife. Carl celebrated her birthday by posting a picture of her to his social media, and Mzansi was understandably envious.

He captioned the image, “Singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling sweetheart @noliemdluli.”

Carl Niehaus has been using Twitter as a platform to share intimate photos and videos of his wife. Carl Niehaus has been quite generous in honoring his wife’s birthday today, Nolie Mdulie.




Many of his supporters have sent birthday greetings to his wife. Carl and his fourth wife, whose name is Nolie Mdulie, have a large age difference, yet they seem to be very happy together.

Carl Niehaus’s followers wanted to know how old he was when he married, but he was already deeply in love. This is because many people were rendered speechless upon seeing their faces, prompting the widespread dissemination of their photographs over social media.

Since his birth on December 25, 1959, Carl Niehaus will be 63 years old in 2022. It’s no secret that Carl is one of Jacob Zuma’s favorite people to die for. Carl Niehaus is just another politician who has been married multiple times without success in finding lasting happiness.

Nolie Mdulie, Carl’s rumored 30-something wife, is 63 years old. It’s no secret that one of the reasons he’s so doting on his wife is because of her stunning good looks.