Check Out Sophie Ndaba’s Husband and Ex-husbands That You Did Not Know. No.2 Will Surprised You

After learning about Sophie Ndaba’s friendship with Themba Ndaba, who played Themba Ndaba in The Queen, through a Facebook user, Mzansi was left in awe.

The role of Queen Moroka in the television series Generations is Sophie Ndaba’s most well-known performance. One celebrity who has been fortunate in their marriage is the actress Sophie Lichaba. Despite having long since changed her last name to Lichaba, many people still refer to the actress as Sophie Ndaba. The actress has gone through a rough divorce process three times after going through three marriages.

The list of her former partners that you may not be aware of is as follows:

Three. Max Lichaba

Sophie Ndaba and Max Lichaba were wed in 2017, according to the source. It appears like they broke up quickly after declaring their romance to be over. Beginning in June of 2021, there were rumors that they were divorcing. After the actress’s chronic illness diagnosis was made public, this happened. Max’s involvement in the actress’s adultery appears to have been revealed.

Two. Themba Ndaba

Sophie continues to use Themba’s last name, Ndaba, despite their long-term divorce. From 1998 through 2007, Themba Ndaba, an actress, was the spouse of Sophie Ndaba. From his role as Brutus Khoza in The Queen, Themba Ndaba is well-known. Two children are reportedly shared by Sophie Ndaba and Thembi.



One. Bishop Keith Harrington

Sophie Ndaba wed Bishop Keith Harrington in 2002 following their 2001 divorce from Themba. 2011 saw the marriage of Sophie Ndaba and Bishop Keith, who divorced in 2013. Only six months were spent in their marriage. In 2013, their marriage was legally ended after they filed for divorce in 2012. There were apparently speculations that Bishop Keith Harrington was getting married for a fourth time. So Sophie Ndaba would have been his fourth wife.

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