Check out Some gorgeous pictures of Jacob Zuma oldest daughters.

Everyone one of them has their own life, both professionally and personally. Even more of them have their very own families of their own.

Duduzile Zuma

Duduzile Mantsho, being Kate Mantsho’s daughter, has succeeded to the presidency that her father held. Her twin brother, Duduzane Zuma, as well as herself, are both active in the political and commercial communities. She has demonstrated that she is prepared to do everything for her father because of the love that she has for him, even if it means she must break the law in order to help him.



Zuma Mokoena

Nosizwe Mokoena, the most well known of the three and an anchor and sports journalist, enjoys the greatest degree of discretion. They tied the knot in 2016 and have since welcomed two precious kids into the world.

Zuma Ncube Gugulethu

Gugu is involved in the entertainment industry not only as an actor but also as a producer in addition to her performing career. Her art may be seen in the critically acclaimed television series Uzalo, which airs in South Africa. Dr. Nkosazan Dlamini Zuma, the former wife of former President Zuma, is Nkosazan Dlamini-mother, Zuma’s and Nkosazan Dlamini Zuma is her mother’s daughter.

Thuli is known not only for her work as a poet, but also for her performances on stage. She portrayed the part of Jabu in the television sitcom “It’s For Life,” which debuted in 2011. She is one of Gugulethu Zuma younger Ncube’s sisters, and she is also someone who has worked in theater.

Thuli Zuma

Thuthukile is an active member of the African National Congress (ANC), following in the political footsteps of her father. She received her education at Wits University and afterwards held the position of chief of staff in the Department of Telecommunications.