Check Out :Skeem Saam Glenda In Real Life

Nozi Langa is a South African entertainer and money manager who has been in the acting business for a year at this point. She has acquired her acknowledgement and notoriety through the popular soapie, skeem saam where she assumes the part of Glenda.

Everything works out in a good way for her as a sweetheart of Zamokuhle untile Zamokuhle’s ex Elizabeth is included. This causes such a lot of contention in their relationship to a degree that she feels that Zamokuhle loves Elizabeth. Such a lot of show and battles happened among her and Elizabeth which made Zamokuhle eventually cut off the friendship with her since he is infatuated with Elizabeth.




Aside from being an entertainer, Nozi Langa is a money manager who has influence in the excellence business. She practices with make-up counterfeit eyelashes for lady and nails. Such countless individuals love her work thus numerous ladies appreciate working connected at the hip with her.