Check Out Siyacela’s Girlfriend Dropping Every File She Knows About Him In #IsencaneLengane Show

Check Out Siyacela’s Girlfriend Dropping Every File She Knows About Him In #IsencaneLengane Show

Source: Hashtag #IsencaneLengane twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

#IsencaneLengane followers wish Thando and Siyacela were staying with Siyacela’s granny in Durban, life would have been better for her. Thando doesn’t have support of .other in laws at home, she doesn’t have anyone who will look after her child when she go back to school. She says she’s happy in Durban but her body says otherwise. Her parents agreed to of her getting married at a very young age now look at how unhappy she is, a 16 years old getting married.





Manto is dropping every file she knows about Siyacela. She regret every part she did to Thando for agreeing to date Siyacela. There is no love between them. Their relationship is no longer exciting like at the beginning when they first met. She bitches about Siyacela but continues to stay knowing very well that he does not have anything except the blanket. She keeps saying that Siyacela is like a dog, and he has changed a lot but she still continue to be with him.

She is busy blushing with him in the car but saying different story in her diary session. Thando and Siyacela have a reality show that is watched by many, and this girl chose to lie and say that she didn’t know about Thando and Siyacela. If she knew she would have never dated Siyacela but she caught feelings.

Siyacela basically insulted Manto implying that she sells her body yet he is on a date with her. Being told you’re gonna be the 2nd wife of a man whose in a civil marriage is always a red flag side chicks just don’t learn. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Manto, imagine the man you’re dating saying such about you on national tv..