Check out Sithelo Shozi, before and after pictures of her teeth this caused a stir on social media

Southern African DJ and fashion and beauty influencer Sithelo Shozi. She is the offspring of a politician and minister from South Africa. Sithelo attended POW Academy as a child, which is situated in the center of Durban. She developed her skill in playing recorded music there.

While she and the Mpisane family are arguing, Durban DJ Sithelo Shozi is taking care of herself and is not skimping on anything.

Sithelo Shozi recently had work done on her teeth in Turkey, and Musa Khawula shared a photo of her showing off her beautiful smile. In Turkey, Sithelo Shozi just underwent a BBL and dental work.Without a question, one of the benefits of having money is being able to afford top-notch dental treatment, and Sithelo put her money to good use. In Turkey, the DJ upgraded and bought a fresh set of teeth for herself. After she posted a photo of her brand-new set of teeth on Instagram, Twitter users learned about this.



On Twitter, someone said that Sithelo Shozi’s teeth used to look nicer. People claimed that Sithelo Shozi didn’t need to take care of her teeth because she’s always had gorgeous teeth. People claimed that they preferred her previous teeth and didn’t like her new ones. Some even claimed that it is overly large and resembles Steve Harvey’s teeth and the teeth of Bugs Bunny.

She shared a motivational quote on Instagram that emphasizes the importance of looking after yourself. “When you start caring after yourself, you start feeling better, you start attracting better, and it all starts within of you.”

Individuals claimed that social media is causing people to despise themselves for no reason because of the beauty of her natural teeth. People now feel as though they must uphold social media norms, they claimed.

But I feel that whatever makes happy she should do it, regardless what anyone says.