Check out recent pictures of the Siko twins with Dj Sbu that caused a stir on social media

Olwethu and Owami Siko, twin girls who were raised by their late grandmother, grew up sharing everything. We discover more about them in the reality series Twice As Bold, including the reasons they shared a husband and their current spiritual calling.

In Twice As Bold, significant events in their lives are also depicted, including their preparations to throw a huge party to celebrate turning 31 and their reunion with their biological mother.

The Siko sisters live together with their girls and co-own a fitness center.

Owami Siko Owami is the outgoing and ambitious one. She is renowned for always wanting to stir up a commotion. Many believe that Olwethu, Olwami’s twin sister, is under the power of Owami. Olwethu frequently feels as though her twin sister makes snap judgments. There is not much agreement between Owami and her mother.

Olwethu Siko, is the introvert and is cautious while choosing a course of action. Olwethu finds it difficult to express her emotions, and she does not feel that Owami has any power over her (despite what others say). In comparison to Owami, Olwethu gets along well with their mother.

The identical twin sisters were born in 1990 in Vosloorus. They lost their father while they were young, and their mother abandoned them before getting remarried. They had their late grandmother as their mother when they were young. The twins’ upbringing was so underprivileged that they lacked even the basics.

After graduating from City Varsity, where they had studied acting, they met Mzukizeni Mzazi, a TV director who would eventually become their spouse.




The nine-year-old daughters of the Siko twin sisters, who are two months apart, are each their own. Lwanda, who is introverted like her aunt, is Owami’s daughter. Olwethu’s daughter Luthando, who has a charismatic personality (unlike her mother). When their mothers make them look like twins, the girls detest it.

When they intended to become actors, they first sought the advice of TV director Mzukizeni Mzazi, who they later married. The twins claimed that their marriage lacked love, that their husband was domineering and controlling, and that he was unable to support them financially. He was their spouse for nine years. The sisters must now speak with Mzukizeni about their divorce, which the ancestors claim was not handled properly.

The Siko twins assert that, like their great-grandmother, they have a calling and are prophets rather than sangomas. They are now going through the prophetic initiation process.

On the reality show, we get a glimpse of Owami and Olwethu’s dating lives as they begin their search for a husband once more. We find out who they are interested in as they reveal how they acquire DMs from males on social media. Most of the potential suitors are businessmen, including twin brothers.

They recently posted pictures with Dj Sbu, looking so beautiful as ever , this caused a stir on social media with some claiming that dj Sbu should take one as his wife.