Check out recent pictures of DBN Gogo that caused a stir on social media

DJ and music producer Mandisa Radebe, often known as DBN Gogo, is from South Africa. She was raised in Pretoria and was born in Durban. After the release of her debut single, “Khuza Gogo,” which was awarded platinum status in South Africa, she gained local notoriety.

Although DBN Gogo was raised in Pretoria with her parents Jeff and Bridgette, she was actually born in Durban. She also lived with them in France for four years. She has claimed that her time in France exposed her to a wide range of musical genres and performers. Pretoria, where she spent the majority of her life, is where most people are familiar with her, according to her.




Due to her time spent in France, she speaks French very well. She is a huge lover of South African hip hop and is also a law student. According to DBN Gogo, she adores traveling.

She is a pretty recent entry into the profession having just been a deejay for a few years. She said it was something she had wanted to do for a very long time. A “very musical person” who used to “play the piano, sing, and dance,” she has also described herself in these terms. Deejaying was the only thing she admitted she didn’t do, but “it sort of kind of found me,” she said.

DBN Gogo recently posted pictures wearing a Xhosa brand dress , she claim to be going at a wedding, with someone who hardly wear dresses she looked stunning.